We just added GlobalSign to our SSL lineup!


We are delighted to announce that we are now selling GlobalSign SSL certificates in addition to our already considerable selection of SSL certificates.

With ever increasing industry focus on ensuring a site is encrypted and secure, particularly the Google announcement that they will be using a websites encryption level as a ranking factor, we are excited to work with a leader in public trust services like GlobalSign.

We have added 5 new certificates to our collection; DomainSSL, DomainSSL Wildcard, OrganisationSSL, OrganisationSSL Wildcard and ExtendedSSL.

This choice effectively covers you across the board. DomainSSL gives you the basic level of security that can be issued in minutes.

OrganisationSSL takes a few days but gives you an added level of security as your website visitors can take comfort in knowing you really are who you or company claims to be.

For companies who deal with a high volume of eCommerce transactions there is the ExtendedSSL. These provide site seals and green validation address bars to give customers confidence.

If you need to secure multiple subdomains, GlobalSign offers a Wildcard variant of the DomainSSL Wildcard and OrganisationSSL certificate. A Wildcard certificate works by us issuing a Certificate with a “Common Name” of *.yourdomain.com and a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) of yourdomain.com. The * (wildcard) allows the Certificate to be used on any subdomain belonging to the yourdomain.com domain name and the SAN ensures SSL works even without a subdomain.

We offer a huge selection of SSL certificates, now with GlobalSign our range has been improved further and have a solution for everyone.

Securing a website is easy. A secure website instills trust and increases traffic. Lets all help keep the web secure.