Experience the new Livedrive

Theres a new update which we believe is going to make things even better for all our customers with Livedrive.

Haven’t got Livedrive yet? You can read more about unlimited online storage and backup, or how useful the Briefcase is, or how there are so many features in the Livedrive for Business package that the list goes on for a number of screens! But right now I’m going to give a brief rundown of what to expect in the new update.

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Control Centre


For new users, after you install Livedrive the Control Centre will open to guide you through your first backup. When this is done the Control Centre allows you to monitor and manage your Backups and Briefcase as well as change your Account Settings.

Top Menu

Use the Menu at the top to navigate to the different areas of the Control Centre at the click of a button.



Your Dashboard shows you the current status of your Backup and Briefcase and will update continuously while Livedrive is running.


To view and manage your account details, click on the “Manage your account” link in blue on the right that will take you to your web portal. The Usage Meter below that link gives you a quick view of how much data you’ve uploaded and whether this is approaching your limit (if applicable).

Status Bar

The Status Bar is always visible at the top of the Dashboard, displaying messages on the current status of your account and any changes.


Clicking on Web in the top menu will open your web portal in a new browser window. Its new and it looks beautiful too. But more on that another day.



Your Settings screen allows you to manage your backups, encrypt your Briefcase and access more Advanced Settings.

Managing your Backups

Use the Backup Selection option on the left to manage the folders Livedrive backs up and how often these backups occur.

Securing your Files

For increased security Livedrive can encrypt your Briefcase files automatically.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings lets you manage items such as Backup Exclusions, Bandwidth, Priorities and online file handling. You can also run an Integrity Check from here to help resolve any issues.

Managing Your Backup


It’s easy to add or remove folders from your backup.

Default Locations

By default Livedrive will backup your Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures and Movies folders.

Adding Folders

If you want to add more folders to your scheduled backups, the “Add another folder” button will allow you to select specific folders on your hard drive to be uploaded at your next backup.

Removing Folders

To remove folders simply click the check box to deselect the folder and then click on “Apply”. That folder will no longer be backed up by Livedrive.

Managing the Backup Schedule


Livedrive automatically scans your selected backup locations for changes every time you start the software. However, you can also set a schedule for the backup, which can be useful if you regularly edit or add files.

You can let Livedrive scan your folders hourly for any changes to your folders.

However, it’s also possible to schedule backups to occur at the same time once a day.

Securing Your Files


These settings help to secure your data if your computer is ever lost or stolen.

Briefcase Encryption

Files stored locally in your Briefcase can be secured with military grade encryption in case your computer gets stolen.

Password Policy

You can also choose password security for each time Livedrive is accessed.

Restoring Your Data


The files backed up by Livedrive can be easily restored at any time using the Restore function.

Choosing the data to restore is as simple as double-clicking the device the files are on and navigating to the selected file or folder.

You can choose either a file or a folder to restore by clicking the “Restore” link next to it.

Restoring Folders


Restoring a folder will download all the files and subfolders within it to a location of your choosing.

You can choose to restore folders either to their original location or to new destinations.


If any files to be restored already exist in the destination folder you can choose to skip the file, overwrite the old file or keep the newest version of the file.

Restore Dashboard


While restoring your files, Livedrive displays a Restore Dashboard. This provides information on the status/success of the current or just completed Restore, and the amount of data restored.

A report is created after every Restore with more detail on the results, including any errors or skipped files.

You can click view restored files to open the restore location and access all your restored files immediately.

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Coming soon: An in depth run through of the new Livedrive Web Portal.