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From £149.99 or $239.99 per year

  • Backup for all your computers
  • Online drives and collaboration spaces
  • Web file sharing
  • Starting with 1TB of storage and one user
  • Get additional 1TB storage blocks for only £49.99 or $79.99 per year
  • Add additional users for £59.99 or $99.99 per year

Livedrive Backup

Livedrive Pro

Livedrive for Business


Get Livedrive for Business

Try Livedrive risk-free today with our 30 day money back guarantee!

Get Livedrive, try any package, make use of all the awesome features, if you find its not for you just log into the customer portal at any time within the 30 day trial period, cancel the Livedrive product and you will be fully refunded.

Simple to set up, easy to use, invaluable to your company.

Livedrive for Business, provides tools that encourages teamwork, every employee is given their own cloud storage space and can create shared Team Folders. They can then easily collaborate on a project with each user seeing automatic updates to files on the go, who changed what and access previous saved versions of the file.

Individual accounts, Each employee in your business gets a user account with their own Briefcase cloud storage. The Briefcase appears like any other drive on your PC or Mac but it is synced to the cloud and all the other computers and devices that are connected to your account.

Secure backups After install the software scans and backs up everything on every computer, storing it safely and securely for access at any time. NAS device and network fileshare backup included.

More about Livedrive for Business…

Safe backup

Keep your data safe! Powerful and easy-to-use backup for every computer in the office.

Team unity

Collaborate on documents by creating shared spaces synced between team members.

Quick share

Share files with other businesses with one click using your own custom branded web portal.

Browse on the go

Download the app and see documents on your iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and Android device.


Each staff member gets their own Briefcase – an online drive that they can access from anywhere.

Mobile friendly

Access and view your backed up files, folders and other documents from mobile devices.

NAS compatible

NAS device and network fileshare backup included. Easy and simple to set up.

Made to measure

Add as many users and TB of storage space as you want, without paying for more than you need.

Well protected

Completely secure, using 256-bit military grade encryption, all data is stored in our UK data centres.

Total control

Fine-grained control over your how much data each user is allocated and allowed to store.

System scan

You can set the system to use an hourly scan to find out what’s changed and save those changes.

Flexible scheduling

You can choose the times when you don’t want Livedrive to be backing up your files.

Get Livedrive for Business