£9.99 or $15.99 per month


£99.99 or $159.99 per year

  • Get two months free by paying yearly
  • Backup an unlimited number of computers
  • 512GB+ Backup storage
  • 512GB+ Briefcase storage
  • Web file sharing
  • Streaming to any computer or iOS/Android device

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Livedrive Pro features…

The Briefcase appears like any other drive on your PC or Mac but it is synced to the cloud, and therefore between all the other computers and devices that are connected to your account.

Huge storage you can adapt. Get 512GB of storage as standard, add on additional blocks of 512GB for only £2.49 or $3.99/month.

Access the Briefcase wherever you are. Connect from all your Macs and PCs. Or connect from your smartphone or tablet using the Livedrive mobile apps. Stream your music and movies or get your images and documents on the go. Our systems and software are designed to be super-fast and ultra-efficient. We don’t limit your upload or download speeds and our software is optimised for smooth running.

Livedrive Pro includes everything in Livedrive Backup…

Flexible scheduling

You can choose the times when you don’t want Livedrive to be backing up your files, if you have a slower or older computer you can disable backup when your PC is busy.


Not only does Livedrive cover every computer you own, your files are safe and secure in our UK data-centres which provide round the clock support.

Mobile friendly

Access your backed up files and folders from mobile devices, download the free app for iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices from our Livedrive Downloads

Get synchronised

Includes software for PC and Mac – syncs files between all of your computers. View your backup status whenever you like at the click of a button.

And in Livedrive Pro you also get these great features…


You can use it like any other drive – drag and drop files and open them in your favourite apps – but it’s synced online and between all of your computers, so your files go with you anywhere.


Connect anywhere and stream your music and movies or get your images and documents wherever you are. Everything on any of your computers is now available anywhere, anytime.

Simple sharing

Need to send large files to your friends, family or colleagues? No problems – with Livedrive you can share files with one click. Either share publicly with the whole world or share privately and securely.

Advanced connectivity

For full compatibility is simple to connect and access the cloud storage by FTP, SFTP or WebDAV. The fast and efficient way of tranferring bulks of data across the internet securely.

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