It’s all about trust: why SSL matters for your website

SSL is not only important for the encryption it provides, it is also a very important tool in building trust amongst your visitors and increasing sales.

GlobalSign carried out a survey of European Internet users in November 2014 and their findings highlight some concerning trends and what you can do to stay trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors.

Your visitors are worried

Visitors have a fundamental distrust of websites. Encryption isn’t something they consider to be an option, they consider it to be a requirement.

  • 75% of visitors are aware of security risks when visiting a website
  • 77% are worried about their data being intercepted or misused
  • 55% are worried about identity theft on the Internet

The padlock and green bar help your visitors trust you

Over 9 out of 10 users…

  • are more likely to trust a website if it displays security indicators such as the SSL padlock or the “green bar”
  • are more likely to send details or make a purchase when they know that their data is sent over a secure connection

Not only that, but 48% of visitors will check for security indicators before giving out any personal information!

When your visitors trust you, you get more sales

A whopping 84% of visitors would abandon a purchase if their data was sent over an insecure connection, with almost 50% of visitors worring about their credit card information being stolen.

Visitors trust the green bar even more

28.9% of visitors regularly look for the “green bar” and 35% look for the name of the company in the address bar.

This is even more important in the UK with over 63% of UK web users understand what the “green bar” in their browser means.

Get secured and build trust today

We’ve got three levels of certificate available from GlobalSign, offering different levels of security:

  • DomainSSL provides domain validation, proving that you own your domain name
  • OrganisationSSL provides organisation validation, proving that your business is trusted by GlobalSign
  • ExtendedSSL provides extended organisation validation, proving that GlobalSign have run background checks on the trustworthiness of your company, signified to your visitors with the “green bar”

We also have a wide range of SSL certificates from other vendors, the full list is available here.

Need help choosing an SSL certificate?

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