Mac malware is on the increase, don’t get caught out

The old adage that Macs don’t get malware is a dangerous myth

Many Mac users don’t bother with antivirus as they don’t see their computers as being as vulnerable as their Windows counterparts. But don’t be fooled, that simply isn’t true. Macs can get viruses, just like any other computer. And there are a lot of them. Given the popularity of Apple’s devices, they’ve become a more attractive target for malware developers in recent years.

So Mac malware is on the rise, and according to recent reports, it’s on the rise at an alarming rate: Mac malware is up 230% compared to 2016. That sounds like a huge jump (and it is!) but it gets worse when you realise we’re only a little over half way through 2017. By the end of the year, we might be looking at something closer to a 400% increase year-on-year.

The report points out that that’s not even the whole story:as

Adware and PUPs [Potentially Unwanted Programs] are increasing at an even higher rate, with even the Mac App Store suffering a tidal wave of scam software. Go to any Mac forum these days and it won’t take you five minutes to find someone suffering from some kind of malicious threat.

What’s the best way to keep my Mac safe?

Our Mac antivirus will keep your Mac safe using F-Secure’s latest technologies, continually updated every hour of every day.

It’s won AV-Test’s Best Protection award five times, meaning that you’re getting the best protection money can buy.

You don’t have to worry about looking after it. Unlike every other antivirus solution out there, you’ve got File Sanctuary’s team of experts managing things for you. We’ll be there every step of the way, keeping you safe.

Our Mac client fully supports the latest macOS Sierra, including Device Guard. It also provides new features like Web Content Control and Advanced Web Traffic Protection, delivering superior security.

Another great feature recently introduced to the Mac version is Browsing Protection. It prevents you from being tricked into accessing seemingly legitimate phishing sites, accessing malicious sites through an email link, or getting infected through malicious 3rd party advertisements on otherwise legitimate sites. It’s particularly effective, as early intervention greatly reduces overall exposure to malicious content, and thus attacks.

It’s got many more tricks up its’ sleeve too, take a look at our Computer Security page for more info.

We’ll help you protect a lot more than your Macs

Our Mac antivirus is part of our F-Secure Protection Service, where we’ll help you protect not only your Macs, but also your PCs, Android smartphones, and servers, all of which are also vulnerable to malware.

By bringing all your devices under F-Secure Protection Service, you get to take advantage of F-Secure’s antivirus and security software, combined with File Sanctuary’s expert team of engineers constantly monitoring things to help you stay safe online. Award-winning security with world-class support: the perfect pairing.

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