SOGEA Broadband

Fibre to the Cabinet broadband without line rental costs

What makes our SOGEA broadband great?

Available to 95% of UK premises

SOGEA is based on FTTC technology, which is widely available, and the vast majority of UK premises can use this technology. Find out if SOGEA is available at your address using our broadband checker.

No mid-contract price increases

Unlike many other ISPs, we do not increase prices during your contract term. The amount listed is the price you pay throughout your contract term, no unpleasant price increase surprises.

SOGEA up to 80Mbps downstream

Our SOGEA connections provide an average speed of 67Mbps. Depending on your line condition, distance from the exchange, and cabinet, you might be able to get speeds as high as 80Mbps. Pop your phone number or postcode into our broadband checker to get a personalised estimate for your property.

SOGEA up to 20Mbps upstream

Whether you’re sending important files to colleagues, a video to YouTube, or a photo to Instagram, you want it to happen fast. Our SOGEA connections have an average upload speed of 18Mbps, with some able to go as high as 20Mbps depending on the quality of your line and the distance from the exchange and cabinet.

Unlimited Downloads

There are no usage restrictions on the amount you download, no time-of-day restrictions, and no fair usage policies, just a promise that we’ll do our best to keep our network running fast.

Unlimited Uploads

Just the same as with downloads, we don’t restrict how much you can upload, and you are free to upload as much as your connection can support, at any time of the day.

IPv4 and IPv6 natively supported

We fully support both IPv4 and IPv6 on our broadband connections. You can have a dynamic IPv4 address for free, or a static IP for £2/month + VAT. A huge /48 IPv6 allocation can also be routed to you free of charge.

UK-based phone and ticket support

Our friendly support team is based in Middlesbrough, in the North East. Calls are answered by our expert staff, the very same team who handle your support tickets. Phone support hours are 10am-6pm Monday to Friday.

Choose the router you want

We let you choose one of our our great routers, or you can bring your own. When you buy a router from us it’s yours to keep, and we make everything as simple as possible. We set it up with your account settings before shipping it to you so when it arrives you can just plug in and go — no setup required!

Boost your signal with Mesh Wi-Fi

Have a larger property? Thick walls? Struggling with your Wi-Fi dropping out in certain places? We’ve got the ideal solution for you. Our mesh Wi-Fi extenders are specially designed for our Wi-Fi 6 routers, providing strong Wi-Fi coverage around your home or office. They’re extremely easy to set up, but we’re on hand to help if you need. You can order as many as you need to get total coverage. Contact us to learn more.

SOGEA 80/20

Avg 67Mbps down / 18Mbps up
£ 36 /month
inc VAT
  • SOGEA FTTC Broadband
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No fair use policy
  • 67Mbps avg download speed
    (max 80Mbps)
  • 18Mbps avg upload speed

SOGEA 80/20

Avg 67Mbps down / 18Mbps up
£ 30 /month
  • SOGEA FTTC Broadband
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited uploads
  • No fair use policy
  • 67Mbps avg download speed
    (max 80Mbps)
  • 18Mbps avg upload speed
Although delivered over traditional copper wiring, SOGEA does not require or include phone service. You can add our Hosted VoIP service if you want phone service. Prices are valid for customers on Market B exchanges (over 97% of all exchanges are in Market B). Prices vary for customers on Market A exchanges. If you’re on a Market A exchange, we’ll contact you with revised pricing after you place your order, and you will be given the choice of accepting or cancelling your order without a cancellation fee. Connection speeds can and do vary depending on your distance from the exchange and line condition. Use our broadband checker to check availability and get a personalised speed prediction for your property. Minimum contract term of 12 months applies to all services listed above. Contact us if you require a shorter contract term. Free installation offer waives standard new line install charges which will cover normal installations. If you ask an Openreach engineer to do additional work above and beyond a standard install this may incur Time Related Charges and/or other additional charges from Openreach. These charges are not covered and you will need to pay for these if you incur them.

Frequently asked questions

Although SOGEA is delivered over the same copper wiring that the PSTN phone service used to use, the SOGEA service does not include or require telephone service. If you want a phone line as well, you can add our Hosted VoIP service.

Zyxel DX3301-T0 – Great performance on a budget – £70 + VAT£84 inc VAT This is our recommended router. It offers the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) without breaking the bank. It includes support for our Mesh Wi-Fi giving you flexibility if you ever need to extend Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-reach areas of your property, and has four Gigabit Ethernet ports for fast wired connections.

  • Wi-Fi 6 (AX1800) 2×2 MU-MIMO with OFDMA
  • Data rates of up to 1200Mbps on 5GHz, and up to 600Mbps on 2.4GHz
  • Support for our Mesh Wi-Fi extenders
  • Guest Wi-Fi to allow guests internet access while keeping your network safe
  • 4x 1Gbps Ethernet ports for high-performance wired connections

Wi-Fi speed is not the same as your broadband speed. Wi-Fi speed refers to how quickly the devices on your local network can communicate with each other.

Zyxel WX3100-T0 – £60 + VAT£72 inc VAT This Mesh Wi-Fi extender is recommended for our Zyxel DX3301-T0 router, helping you extend Wi-Fi coverage to hard-to-reach areas of your property with the latest generation Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) 2×2 MU-MIMO technology.

We strongly recommend using one of our routers, as they’re battle-tested and we know that they work well on our network to get the best possible speeds. If you use our routers, our support team can also provide extended support for your router even as far as helping you with things such as changing your Wi-Fi settings, configuring port forwarding, and more.

You might have bought your own router or have one from your existing ISP, and you may be wondering if you can use it on our network. We offer a standards-based service and we don’t do anything to block third party routers, so provided your existing router is compatible with the technical standards relevant to the service you’re ordering from us, then you can use it with our services. There are some caveats however:

  • We do not provide configuration support for third party routers beyond the PPPoA/PPPoE connection configuration settings. This means that if you need help managing your Wi-Fi network, changing port forwarding settings, etc, you will need to resolve this on your own. If this is something you’re likely to need help with, we recommend you choose one of our routers instead.
  • Some ISPs provide routers that are locked to their network, or use different technologies. These routers can usually only be used with the service provider that issued the device, so you won’t be able to use those routers with us. Examples of companies that provide locked or incompatible routers are Virgin Media, BT, Plusnet, and Sky, although they are not the only companies that use locked routers.
  • If you encounter any technical issues that turn out to be caused by your router, we might need to suggest that you use one of our routers instead.
The Ofcom regulated process to transfer broadband requires the lead time to be a minimum of 10 working days. As standard we will transfer your connection in the shortest possible time, but if you need us to extend this window please make sure we are aware at the point of order.