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Our Cloud Servers are the engines powering small businesses worldwide

And with prices from as little as £7 or $13 per month, super-fast doesn’t have to mean super-expensive

There’s a Cloud Server the right size for you

Five simple plans, each customisable with extra RAM, disk space, bandwidth and cores…

Cloud Server 512

20GB Disk
150GB Bandwidth
1 core
£7 or $13/mo

Cloud Server 1024

1024MB RAM
40GB Disk
300GB Bandwidth
1 core
£14 or $26/mo

Cloud Server 2048

2048MB RAM
80GB Disk
600GB Bandwidth
1 core
£28 or $52/mo

Cloud Server 4096

4096MB RAM
160GB Disk
1200GB Bandwidth
1 core
£56 or $104/mo

Cloud Server 8192

8192MB RAM
320GB Disk
2400GB Bandwidth
1 core
£112 or $208/mo

Want to run Linux?

Order PV now

Want to run Windows, FreeBSD, or something else?

Order HVM now

What can you do with a Cloud Server?

A Cloud Server (sometimes called a VPS) can perform almost any task. Here are just a few examples…


Virtualmin is the easiest way to resell hosting, or to host multiple websites on your own server. Available in both a free GPL edition and a paid Professional edition.

Host sites with Virtualmin


Easily host your own websites, or even run your own hosting company with the ISPmanager professional hosting control panel, available in Lite and Business editions!

Host sites with ISPmanager

Ruby on Rails

Run Ruby-on-Rails applications at full power with our Cloud Servers! A single server is plenty for most small to medium sites, or cluster a few for really busy sites.

Host your Rails app

Ubuntu MATE

Get a Linux desktop in the cloud with Ubuntu MATE and X2go or VNC. Use your powerful Cloud Server as a desktop that you can reach from anywhere, even a tablet or a phone!

Get a Linux desktop


Get a Windows desktop in the cloud with Windows Server 2012 R2. Use your powerful Cloud Server as a desktop that you can reach from anywhere, even a tablet or a phone!

Get a Windows desktop


Save money on your office phone system and run it from a Cloud Server with FreePBX! Our own phone system here at File Sanctuary has been running on FreePBX for many years.

Save money on your phones

What makes our Cloud Servers great?

Your favourite Linux

Our PV Cloud Servers provide highly tuned performance for Linux. Choose from Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, or Slackware.

Our fantastic support

We care about our customers and as such we provide 24/7 emergency technical support to help you resolve any set up or technical issues you may have.

No long term contracts

At File Sanctuary we don’t lock you into long term contracts or surprise you with hidden clauses, get a Cloud Server for just a month or as long as you may need.

Deployed in minutes

It takes just a few clicks to place an order. The moment that’s done, your Cloud Server starts being built. You’ll be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

Run Windows Server

Our HVM Cloud Servers can run Windows, Linux, or any other OS. We offer Windows licenses on a month-by-month basis: no more expensive upfront licensing costs!

Super-fast upgrades

Adding more RAM, disk space or bandwidth takes just a few clicks. No more time-consuming migrations to new hardware if you outgrow your server!

Full control

Our SolusVM control panel gives you access to instantly boot, reboot, shutdown, or even completely re-install your Cloud Server at the touch of a button.

Desktops in the cloud

Access a Cloud Desktop with X2go, Remote Desktop or VNC. Securely accessible from any computer, tablet or smartphone with an Internet connection!

Want us to look after your server for you?

We’re here to help! If you take our optional Server Management add-on, we’ll take care of all the technical stuff so you can just get on with your job. Learn exactly what is included over in our blog post about Server Management.

Server Management is just £19.99 or $32.99 per month, no matter which Cloud Server package you pick.

Have questions we’ve not answered here?

Open a support ticket and we’ll get you some answers!