Directory Services for the modern workplace

Securely manage user identities for your team, and connect them to the resources they need regardless of provider, protocol, vendor, or location

JumpCloud makes it easy for your IT to keep up with changes in your business over time

Easily handle situations such as:

  • Provisioning new accounts for staff joining the company
  • Disabling accounts for staff leaving the company
  • Rapidly provisioning new computers
  • Managing staff access to resources

Identity Management

Centralize, secure, and manage user identities and their underlying credentials and profile data.

User Management

Group Management

Password Complexity and SSH Key Management

Multi-factor Authentication

Access Control

Connect users with all of their resources, including Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, cloud-based and on-prem applications, networks, storage, and more, with a single password.

Computer and System Access

Application Access

Network and Wi-Fi Access

File Share Access

Directory Integrations

Managed for you by File Sanctuary

Streamline your provisioning and daily IT operations by letting our team of experts manage everything for you.

Computer Onboarding and Policy Automation

System and Directory Insights

User Onboarding

Access to Cloud Services

Let us help you get your IT under control