WordPress Hosting

Fast, reliable, secure hosting, perfectly tuned for WordPress

Our WordPress Toolkit makes WordPress easy

Take full control of your WordPress website from our control panel, without even logging into WordPress.

WordPress pre-installed on every account

WordPress Hosting comes with WordPress pre-installed right out of the box, but if you want to move it or install additional copies it can be done in just a single click.

Secure your WordPress in a click

Just one click will apply a wide range of security enhancements to your WordPress website.

Automatic WordPress Updates that don’t break your site

Our automatic Smart WordPress Updater uses powerful AI to test out updates on a clone of your website, then checks to see if your website still looks right afterwards. If it does, it applies the updates automatically. If it’s not sure, it emails you and asks you to double-check things look okay with a unique before/after overlay.

Extremely easy to use

Our WordPress hosting platform is powered by the award winning Plesk control panel. Plesk is designed to be easy to use for beginners and experts alike, and is just as easy to use on your phone as it is on your laptop.

Migrate from your old provider in just a few clicks

Import your website and email accounts in just a few clicks, without skipping a beat.

DevOps friendly Git Support

Prefer to deploy websites rather than FTP files around? We’ve got you covered with our powerful Git support. Deploy automatically after committing to a branch of your choosing, by firing a webhook event, or by manually clicking a button in our control panel.

Free SSL for every website

As soon as your account is activated we request an SSL certificate, install it for you, and then configure your site to redirect all insecure HTTP traffic to use HTTPS.

Powerful spam filtering

Every domain gets SpamExperts Incoming Filtering completely free (normally £2.50/month), giving you industry-leading accuracy of nearly 100%.

Benefit from the latest advancements in PHP

By default we provide you with the latest PHP release with all the latest features and improvements, but if you want to run an earlier version they’re just a few clicks away. You can also easily change PHP settings to suit your website.

Keep your site secure with our Web Application Firewall and Antivirus

Prevent malicious traffic from ever reaching your website with our Web Application Firewall with the latest Advanced ModSecurity Rules by Atomicorp. We’ll also regularly scan your website for malware with ImunifyAV, and we’ll let you know if anything is found.

File Manager and Code Editor

Every hosting account is a ready-to-go development environment. No additional tools required.

Edit DNS records in a snap

With our editor you can easily edit DNS records to support additional services like Office 365.

Get tips from the Advisor

Ensure your site is running in tip-top condition with security and performance tips from your personalised Plesk Advisor.

Staging sites in seconds

Want to work on a copy of your site to test some changes? Our Website Copy tool lets you clone your site in seconds.

And it doesn't stop there...

Hybrid Apache and Nginx webserver

Benefit from Apache for powerful hosting, and Nginx for lightning fast static assets and caching.

Secure encrypted FTP access

Our TLS encrypted FTP service helps keep your files safe and secure while you’re working on your site.

Unlimited email addresses

Easily provision an email account for every member of staff on your team in just a few seconds.

Powerful IMAP email access

Sync your email perfectly across all your computers, smartphones and tablets with ease.

Access webmail from anywhere

If you don’t want to use a native email client, use our webmail service with zero setup.

Free alias domains and subdomains

Multiple domains? No problem. Need to host multiple apps for your business? No problem.

Powerful eCommerce solutions

Maximise sales with WooCommerce, Magento, or any other professional eCommerce system.

Expert support a click away

Contact us by support ticket, email, phone or live chat whenever you need a helping hand.

Don't use WordPress on your website?

Our Web Hosting contains all these great features except the WordPress bits, for a slightly lower price.

Need more power and control for your site?

Our Cloud Servers provide great value for larger sites and give you full control over your hosting environment.