Ubuntu 24.04 now available

We are excited to announce that Ubuntu 24.04 is now available for use in the File Sanctuary Cloud, both for Cloud Servers and our Dynamic Cloud services. This new release brings a host of new features and improvements for server users

Enhanced Software Versions

Ubuntu 24.04 comes with updated versions of several key server software packages:

    • Apache 2.4.58: The latest version of the world’s most used web server software brings improved performance and better security features, ensuring your websites run smoothly and securely.
    • MariaDB 10.11: This new version of the popular database management system offers enhanced speed and efficiency, allowing for faster query times and more efficient database operations.
    • PHP 8.3: The latest iteration of PHP brings numerous improvements, including better performance, improved syntax, and enhanced error handling.
    • Ruby 3.2: The new version of Ruby offers improved performance and memory management, making your Ruby applications run faster and more efficiently.
    • Python 3.12: Python 3.12 comes with several new features and optimizations, including improved syntax, enhanced library modules, and better performance.
    • NodeJS 18: The latest version of NodeJS provides improved performance, new features, and several bug fixes, making your JavaScript applications run smoother than ever.

New Features in Ubuntu 24.04

In addition to the updated software versions, Ubuntu 24.04 also brings several new features and improvements that enhance server management and performance:

  • Improved Security: Ubuntu 24.04 includes several enhancements to system security, including better default settings, improved system sandboxing, and more robust firewall rules.
  • Enhanced System Performance: This release includes several under-the-hood improvements that result in better system performance, including optimized system services, improved I/O handling, and more efficient memory management.
  • Streamlined Package Management: Ubuntu 24.04 introduces improvements to the APT package manager, making it easier and faster to install, update, and manage software packages on your server.

We invite you to experience the power and flexibility of Ubuntu 24.04 on our Cloud Servers at File Sanctuary. Upgrade today and take your server management to the next level.