IT with a positive impact for the planet

Planting a tree for every order

There’s no escaping it — climate change affects us all. It’s important that we all make positive changes in order to tackle the very serious issues facing us.

We’re proud to be planting a tree every time a new service is purchased, in partnership with Ecologi.

Whether you’re choosing our FTTP broadband, Hosted VoIP, Cloud Servers, Office 365, WordPress Hosting, or anything else that we offer, our promise is simple:

You order a service, we plant a tree.

We're a Climate Positive Workforce

We’re actively offsetting the carbon impact of our entire team on an ongoing basis. Not just the impact from their professional lives — we’re offsetting the impact of their personal lives too.

But being climate neutral isn’t enough. We want to leave the world better than we found it. So we’re doubling that offset so that we have a Climate Positive Workforce.

In addition to that, we’re planting 10 trees a month for every member of staff we have, every month.

Learn more about the impact of our work

You can follow along with how our work with Ecologi is going, and learn more about the positive impact we’re making by clicking the logo below.