Leased Lines

Dedicated premium connectivity supported with service level agreements

What makes our leased lines great?

Dedicated bandwidth

Unlike with a regular broadband connection, where you may find your connection slow down at certain times of the day due to the nature of the shared infrastructure being used, our leased lines are not subject to this congestion. Your connection should be consistently fast, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

100% Service Level Agreement target

Because leased lines are a bespoke product, and dedicated to you, we’re able to offer a 100% SLA target. In the event of a fault, our support teams are available to you 24×7 to help you diagnose and resolve the issue. If a resolution can’t be found within the target times, compensation is applied.

Symmetrical speeds

Most customers will want to choose a leased line to get the best download speeds possible. However our leased lines give faster uploads too, with upload speeds matching your download speed. Perfect for off-site backups and remote access.

Unlimited usage

There are no usage restrictions on the amount you download or upload on your leased line, no time-of-day restrictions, and no fair usage policies. You can use as much data as you like on your dedicated connection with no need to worry.

Multiple carriers for pricing flexibility

By connecting to multiple carriers, and playing to each one’s strengths, we are able to ensure we’re offering you the best pricing possible for any given location, based upon the existing infrastructure available.

Ultra low latency

Ultra low latency provides you with the confidence to run VoIP or financial trading solutions where every apcket and millisecond counts. Pings to Google will often come in at less than 3ms on a 1Gbps connection.

Resilient failover options

If downtime is totally unacceptable, we can provide resilient options by using multiple leased lines, exchanges, carriers and even data centre termination points. Just let us know when you request a quote and we’ll include pricing for failover options.

Backup connection options

Need a low-cost backup connection? We can provide you with a broadband connection that will kick in to provide resilience if your leased line connection has any issues.

IPv4 and IPv6 natively supported

We fully support both IPv4 and IPv6 on our broadband connections. You can have a dynamic IPv4 address for free, or a static IP for £2/month + VAT. A huge /48 IPv6 allocation can also be routed to you free of charge.

UK-based phone and ticket support

Our friendly support team is based in Middlesbrough, in the North East. Phone support hours are 10am-6pm Monday to Friday, and emergency tickets are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Leased Line

Pricing starts from
£ 285 /month
  • Speeds from 100Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds
  • Unlimited downloads and uploads
  • Uncontended dedicated connection
  • 1 year or 3 year contract options

Frequently asked questions

A leased line is a dedicated circuit to your premises delivering high performance connectivity. The circuit can be used to connect to the Internet, or we can supply point-to-point links – ideal for sharing data between sites.

Increasingly businesses are becoming ever reliant on an Internet feed for their staff to work, especially as more and more applications operate external to an office, and in the cloud. A leased line can ensure that not only can the connection speed be higher than traditional broadband, it is delivered in a consistent manner (ie not slowing down at certain times of the day, based ISP or exchange contention), and most importantly backed up by rapid around the clock support with a full service level agreement (SLA). By their very nature they are very stable, and can open up new ways for your business to use Internet connectivity.
As our leased lines are dedicated fibre connections direct to your building, you should achieve the speeds you ordered.
With leased lines, we deliver a bearer link to your premises. This is normally a choice between 1Gbps and 10Gbps, and is the maximum speed we can deliver to your premises. To meet your needs, and keep costs low, we can choose to deliver a lower speed through it (eg 100Mbps through a 1Gbps bearer) and upgrade it to higher speeds as your requirements change. Changes to the speed will carry an administration charge and will change the on-going subscription cost.
The two addresses would be treated as separate contracts and circuits. Due to the very custom nature of leased lines, it is not possible to ‘move’ a circuit, but we can look to make the process as painless as possible limiting downtime and keeping costs low. If you know that you’re set to move part-way through your initial contract, make our sales team aware of this prior to ordering.
Installation times can vary significantly depending on what is currently at your building, how far you are from the exchange, and whether any additional work (such as roadworks) may be required. We’ll regularly push for updates from the carriers so that we can keep you informed at every step of the way.
All our leased lines are covered by Service Level Agreements (SLA). The SLA response times are aims to provide a resolution to a complete outage. Unlike regular broadband, which can sometimes be down for a couple of days with no compensation – leased lines tend to be fixed within a couple of hours as they are a priority connection for the carrier.
During office hours you can call us on 01642 688 088. Outside of office hours you can create an emergency support ticket by following these instructions.
Costs are determined as part of an initial survey. Each carrier is prepared to absorb a certain level of construction costs, to help secure the contract, and as a result, the majority of orders placed don’t see them. If Excess Construction Charges (ECC) apply, then the cost to deliver a circuit to a premises exceeds what a carrier deems to be acceptable. If we find that ECCs are going to apply to your order, we’ll pause the order and give you the choice of whether you wish to proceed and pay the ECCs. If you don’t want to proceed, you are able to cancel the order free of charge. If no ECCs apply then the order will automatically continue.