Now Available: Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7

Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu Server 14.04 is the latest LTS (long term support) release of Ubuntu Server. An LTS release means that maintenance and security updates will be released for this version for the next five years. Ubuntu Server 14.04 introduces full compatibility with the latest and greatest open-source software projects ensuring they can be relied on by testing thousands of combinations in the Ubuntu Openstack Interoperability Lab, every year. Ubuntu 14.04 contains these versions of popular software packages: Linux Kernel […]

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New summer domain offers

In addition to our release of new domain names we have cut the price of three of our popular domains by half. Save 50% on .me .me is an excellent choice for individuals looking for a unique, personalised domain name. Although it is a rapidly growing domain, the overall number of registrations is still fairly low, meaning there are lots of great domain names available. Save 50% on .info With no restrictions on who can register a .info domain and

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We’re 13 years old today!

In the last year we have grown exponentially and we couldn’t have done it without you, our customers. In the past year we’ve added new services, lots of new domains, we’ve built a new website, moved into a new office, and even expanded our team. We’re letting you join in the celebrations too by saving money on these great domains until June 30th: Save 30% on .info Was £9.99 or $16.99, now only £6.99 or $11.89! Order now! Save 50%

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The Heartbleed TLS vulnerability — what you need to know

What happened? OpenSSL is software that protects your sensitive data as it travels back and forth over the Internet. There has been a bug recently discovered in the OpenSSL TLS Heartbeat implementation that can leak memory contents between your computer and web servers and vice versa. As such this has been named the ‘Heartbleed’ issue. The latest version of OpenSSL that was released on April 7th is no longer vulnerable to the bug, however the previous versions that have been

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New domain offers for Q1 2014

Until March 31st 2014 you can make a saving on .info and .me! This new for 2014 offer will save you 30% on .info, now only £6.99/year or $11.89/year. Also save a massive 50% on .me, now just £7.49/year or $12.49/year. Simply follow the link below to the domain name pages and sign up today. [one_half][fancy_box title=”About .info” titlebgcolor=”#305880″ titlecolor=”#ffffff” textcolor=”#ffffff” boxbgcolor=”#2c3e50″ ribbon=”39″] With over 6.8 million domain names, .info represents approximately 44% of the entire new TLD registration market,

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Changing your spam filter settings

Here at File Sanctuary we realise that while our default spam filter settings will be great for most people, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. As such we have added controls to allow you to customise the spam filter for your email account. Every email you receive is analysed by our SpamAssassin filter and given a score based on the likelihood of being spam, as follows: Messages with a score of 1 or above are considered to look at least a

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Holiday 2013 domain offers

Right up until December 31, 2013 you can make a massive saving on .co, .mx and .info domains. Save 33%: now just £13.39/year or $22.10/year! From startups and small businesses to big brands and multi-national corporations, the .co domain is the web address of choice for innovation and creativity. .co gives your big ideas a way to stand apart on the world’s next premier web address. Visit our .co domain page to get your .co domain today! Save 50%: now

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Save over 40% on .TV domains in June!

Until the 30th of June, we are offering .tv domains for only £13.99/year or $23.99/year! Having a .tv domain is a fine way to let people know you have video content available on your site or even have it as a stand alone domain to show your video content away from your main website. As a rule of thumb, if your website contains a play button, you should look into getting get a .tv domain. According to Cisco, video traffic

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Protect your account with two-factor authentication

In order to help protect your customer portal account, we’ve now added support for two-factor authentication. Two factor authentication helps protect your account by requiring that you not only know your password, but that you also have something with you — in this case, your smartphone. This is entirely optional, but turning it on makes your customer portal account much safer. To get started, you’ll need to download an OATH OTP app on your smartphone. For iOS devices we recommend

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The future is here! IPv6 now fully enabled for everyone.

Some of our more technically-minded customers may have noticed that we’ve been using IPv6 alongside IPv4 on our own websites and services, and also on the sites of a small group of beta participants for quite some time now — a couple of years, actually! (A huge thank you to those who took part in our tests by the way!) Today, we’re rolling it out for everyone. If you’ve got a site with us, you’ve now got your own unique

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